Call for Entries

(Dateline 012:Title TBA)

APRIL 2015


DATELINE is seeking emerging and established artists to participate in our contribution to this year’s Month of Photography in Denver, Colorado. Our juror is Cassandra Heiser, current Exhibition Coordinator at MCA Denver and previously of the Getty Research Institute.


We are seeking work that specifically addresses new attitudes toward beauty in the 21st century. Though objective beauty still has its place, we are interested in the subjective, the strange, and the unconventional. We are seeking images that create beauty rather than finding it, images that might build a further understanding of how photography and representation (or its abstraction) have the capacity to expand our notions of what is considered beautiful.


Selected artists will have their work exhibited in 012 as well as have their work published in the 012 exhibition zine.  One artist will be selected by the juror and the Dateline staff for a future solo show at Dateline in 2015.


DATELINE was started by local artists Jeromie Dorrance and Adam Milner and hosts monthly art exhibitions year round featuring unique and experimental contemporary artwork from all over the globe. Showcasing installation, emerging media such as Netart as well as traditional media DATELINE is a space constantly in flux, that ideal 'neutral' background that lets the art take center stage.


Please submit up to five images 1200 pixels on their longest side, .jpg format no later than February 20th. There is also a $12 dollar submission fee which can be paid through Venmo. Work will not be considered until payment is received.


Make sure file names are titled lastnametitle.jpeg etc.



April Frankenstein: WHAT IF WE FALL IN LOVE


February 13th, 2015


Show statement:


WHAT IF WE FALL IN LOVE is about shedding false ideas of intimate relationships, sharing secret spaces and having a conversation about romantic notions and our relationship to sexuality. The human body and everyday necessities are explored as a way to uncover how we relate to our space, ourselves and to others. The exhibition consists of drawings, photos, journal entries, collages and installations to follow the month long journey of exploration and experimentation performed by the artist. Participation of other people is enormously important and evident throughout the works. Collaborative efforts are inevitably necessary.


Artist statement:


April Frankenstein is an interdisciplinary artist living in Denver, CO. She works with multiple dimensions and mediums and is inspired by uncomfortable or unusual human interactions. She manipulates the context of familiar items to alter our perceptions and challenges the relationship to our environment. Femininity, intuition, movement, multiplicity, and dark humor are all reflected in her work.