Katrin Davis

Ann Hamilton

Nate Hess

Gato Karatoyote

Jeanne Liotta

Curated by Adam Milner


Gangsta's Paradise Group Show

Jack Avila

Francis Brack

Jazzmyn Barbosa

Taylor Barbosa

Molly Bounds

Thug Entrancer

Aaron Gombar

Kevin Hennessey

Amy Lockhart

Amine Rastgar

Ryan Riss

Caleb Stout

Mike Scarano

Colin Ward

Ray Young Chu

Mario Zoots


Forever In a Way

Kelcy Chase Folsom

Curated by Adam Milner


Not My Pumpkin

Brian Kokoska

Curated by Adam Milner


You Look Like How I Used To

Molly Bounds

Caleb Hahne

Grady Gordon

Mario Zoots


DATELINE: 006 Video Art Group Show

Jureid by Jeromie Dorrance and adam Milner

Ryan Bock

Shayna Cohn

John Yelverton Freeman

Amir Guberstein

Evan Lorenzen

Ryan McFarlin

Evan Lee Miller

Adam Porter

Chaspar Senn

Ella Trujillo


DATELINE 6.1 Metro State Student video Art Show

Edward Ayala

Ethan Casady

Samantha Coulter

Zane Dombrowski

Katerina Flores

Liz Hayes

Inez Jones

Michael Knotts

Scott McKinney

Dianna Miguez-Kochan

April Peck

Jorge Perez Garcia

Nicole Richards

Robert Shea

Travis Sturm

Alma Treviso

Toni Velasquez

Christine Verhoven



Amelia Carley

Therese Thulin (Dream-o-Rama)

Kristen Sink

The Space Lady



Alex J Cutler

February James

Xavian Lahey

Shawn Taylor


What If We Fall In Love

April Frankenstein artist residency


Nighted presents Strangers I Know Group Show

Mario Zoots


Brandon Aighty

Nick Garcia

Kris Kirk




DATELINE 12  Group Show

curated by Cassandra Heiser

Ayla Leroyce

Jordyn Dorrance

Jennifer Hogan

George Perez

Jym Davis

Vicente Pamparo

Hannah Green

Sam Nguyen

Kahlil Cezanne

Daniel Orr

Eileen Keator

Robert Roth-Nelson

Carol Selter

John Yelverton Freeman

Kyle Warfield

Shannon Bruns




Gemma Bayly Artist Residence


Matt Scobey Artist Residence



Featuring members of the Brooklyn Collage Club


Alien Body presents Occult Contemporary

New works by Travis Egedy



Samuel Mata

Daniel Monclova

Alex page


RMCAD presents Rewind

Helen Alexandra

Justin Beard

Christine Buchsbaum

Dmitri Obergfell


Signs & Letters (Intrusions into the Everyday)

Peter Miles Bergman Solo show


DATELINE 18 Manifest Memory

New works by Mickey Boyd



Taylor Balkissoon solo show



Works on Watercolor by residents of Avamere Care Center

Curated by Jacqueline Sofia Cordova


DATELINE 21: Sunday Paper Group Show

Curated by Lucas McMahon



Tiffany Graham & Jennifer Iversen




The Sounds of Earth

New works by Julio Alejandro


DATELINE 2 Year Anniversary Party

Sev Collazo & Amauary Orozco


DATELINE 24 April Fools Day

Jack Estenssorro

Paul Keefe


How to Build A Lie

Apocryphal Technologies by Jamie Allen and prints by Pablo Picasso



Justin James Sehorn

Jared David Paul Anderson



Stuff On Walls

curated by Curtis Tucker


Typical Anything

George Perez Perez


Feel Days

new work by Extra Vitamins


Spotify presents Clarify: Saya Woolfalk opening and talk


Bodacioussss 2.0

Curated by Taylor Balkissoon


Hannah Green: Hush, Hush


Astral Plain: New Works fro the Road

Kevin Hennessy Jae Mo




Evicted a benefit art show for the artists affected by the sudden closing of Rhinoceropolis and Glob



installation by Lio Bumba


Solastalgia a group show

Noah Travis Phillips


What are the Wild Waves Saying

new works by Zak Alexander & Rose Kyle Seis


The Cherry Creek Bridge Project

Eric Shumake



new works by E.L. Brujo


Things That Stack

new works by Carley Rickles


The 1/2 Xmas Show

Phil Bender



Lewis Neeff


Double Vision

Luis Valle & Jay Bellicchi


Hard Comforts

installation and performance by Mark Fitzsimmons


Ben Siekierski: Monsters

Zine shelf 2.0




LighteLite Coin a group show

curated by Coleman Mummery


Point of Friction

sarah Bowling and Mario Zoots

Curated by Mark Fitzsimmons


Cave Lovers

new works by Douglas Spencer



new works by Noah Travis Phillips


DATELINE:43 video art show

Curated by Jeromie Dorrance


Real Shapes group show

Curated by Aaron Mulligan


#GIFC group show

curated by Chris Rexroad 0.0 Gallery


Enter the Acid Jungle

curated by Beer Money records


Fridge Art

new works by Julio Alejandro


THIS IS IT a group show

curated by Lorenzo Talcott


You're Just Okay

Group show curated by Mario zoots


Base Value

New works by Joseph Coniff







Ben Siekierski

 Adult Swim



MOP Denver

Public Domain

Jack Ludlam: Imaginary Waters


Coleman Mummery:

Everyone is Evil and I'm Evil 2


GIFC Denver 2019

Curated by Chris Rexroad


Escape To Nowhere

New works on paper by Rather Severe and Rumtum


Miriam Dubinsky: Zoom! Shift!


Splendid Tree Frog: New Photographs by Matthew Pevear


Succulent and Hypertufa Pop-up by The Fancy Real


God Spelled backwards: New Paintings by Patrick Kane McGregor


Invisible Information: New Paintings by Jason Albert Garcia


THIS IS IT vol. 2 CRUSH Artists Group Show

Adam Fu

Alexandrea Pangburn

Anna Charney


Casey Kawaguchi

Chris Haven

Jodi Herrera

Diana Contreras


El Chan Guri



Jason Albert Garcia

Koko Bayer

Ladies Fancywork Society

Michael Ortiz

Mike Graves

Miss Meeg

Pat Milbery

Patrick Kane McGregor


Ricks 73



Shitty Kitten


Lio Bumba

It Was Her - It Is And Forever Will Be


Sophie Lynn Morris

I had a dream that you were a fountain



new works by george bangs




Koko Bayer



Nothing Is Sacred

New paintings by Jack Estenssoro