DATELINE Gallery is pleased to present Escape To Nowhere, New works by Rumtum and Portland based Duo Rather SevereEscape To Nowhere marks a departure from the artists past collaborations as all of the work in the exhibition will be rendered in black and white. The goal here is to to tease the imagination with a minimal approach as natural and geometric patterns, tropical plants and the birth of new creatures come to life through all new pen and ink drawings.


Developing a close relationship with the balance of human, animal and plant life in their natural habitats of Oregon and Ohio respectively, Rather Severe and Rumtum share a broader love and connection for aquatic nature, marine life, and the vast landscapes they create. Their combined aesthetic style enhances each mural and illustration they touch and all are created in an effort to inspire the community and enrich the experience of being present in the public domain. The end result is a whimsical experience for the imagination that transports you to the playful oasis that is Escape to Nowhere.


Rather Severe


Based in Portland, Oregon, Jon Stommel and Travis Czekalski have worked together professionally since 2010 as Rather Severe. The duo have collaborated with Rumtum in the past on murals for the Crush Street Art Festival in the Rino art district.





John Hastings creates artwork under the moniker “Rumtum” in visual art and music. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio John Hastings spent most of his time on the shores of lake erie enjoying natural elements and relating to them through drawing.




DATELINE will be celebrating Escape to Nowhere with the unveiling of a new mural by Rather Severe and Rumtum in our alley gallery behind the building! Be sure to check out the mural progress during the exhibition!